Mitsuhiro Yanagida

Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University

Election Year: 2012
Primary Section: 26, Genetics
Membership Type: International Member

Research Interests

How fission yeast condensin and cohesin can regulate chromosome structure in mitosis. This question is intriguing to me, as these two complexes are similar in structure, but their role in chromosome dynamics look quite distinct.  We identified a number of fission yeast genes required for G0 quiescence, and are trying to understand their role in the entry into, maintenance of and exit from quiescence. These two are old and new questions for me.  We started to work on human metabolomics since our new Okinawa lab started 10 yr ago. The study was rapidly progressed and we are fairly confident that metabolomics will be a main tool to diagnose health and disease of human individuals. We have so far investigated metabolites in blood, urine and saliva and their significant changes of specific makers (biomarkers) and variations during human aging and also in fasting, and in diseases such as frailty and Alzheimer.

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