Ronald R. Sederoff

North Carolina State University

Election Year: 1995
Primary Section: 62, Plant, Soil, and Microbial Sciences
Membership Type: Member

Research Interests

My current interests are in the molecular genetics of forest trees. The purpose of the work is to better understand the biology of forest trees and to use this information to accelerate breeding. In spite of the long generation times of these organisms, my colleagues and I have developed methods for genomic mapping of individual trees and applied those methods to complex trait analysis, particularly growth and disease resistance. We have also utilized the high degree of developmental specialization in the formation of wood to investigate the biochemical and genetic basis of cell wall formation. We have focused our interest on the pathway for lignin biosynthesis and all cell wall structural proteins. Prior to my interest in forest trees, I studied mutational mechanisms, gene expression, and chromosome structure in bacteriophage T4 and Drosophila. My interest in large woody plants followed from studies on the mitochondrial DNA of maize. I am also interested in the social implications of genetics in education, science policy, and economic development.

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