Division Collections

National Research Council Division of Medical Sciences Records Group, 1946-1973

This records group is composed of two groups of papers: The records of the Office of the Chairman of the Division, as deposited at various times in the period, and the records of certain committees which kept separate files. Through most of this period, the Division had a central staff with broad responsibilities, so that the records of the individual committees were merged with those of the Chairman’s office on a daily basis; towards the end of the period, this was less the case, resulting in a larger number of discrete committee files. The records group spans 25 drawers of fully organized files.

Please note that the following listing is only an index, and not a folder inventory, of the activities and units represented in this records group.



Chemical-Biological Coordination Center

INSTITUTIONS Associations Individuals

American Medical Assn
Commission on Plasma Fractionation & Related Processes
Conference on Research Needs in Tropical Medicine
Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology
Given Foundation
James Picker Foundation
National Society for Crippled Children & Adults
New York Academy of Medicine
North American Assn of Alcoholism Programs
Protein Foundation Inc
Research Council on Problems of Alcohol
Symposium on Development of Model System for Emergency Medical Services in Metropolitan Area: National
U of Pennsylvania


Academies & Councils Abroad
Institutions Associations Abroad
International Congresses


Conference on Consolidated Communication Systems for Nebraska


BIOLOGY & Agriculture

Food & Nutrition Board

ENGINEERING & Industrial Research

Materials Advisory Board


International Congresses


Committee to Review Division of Medical Sciences Report on Uses of Computers in Biology & Medicine

MEDICAL Sciences

Armed Forces-NRC Committee on Bio-Astronautics
Committee Advisory to Bureau of Narcotics
Committee Advisory to Federal Radiation Council
Committee Advisory to Federal Security Agency on Commodities & Materials Pertaining to Health
Committee for Cardiovascular Literature Project: Advisory
Committee for Evaluation of National Pituitary Agency
Committee for Survey of Research on Rheumatic Diseases
Committee on Adenine Specifications: Ad hoc
Committee on Adenine-Fortified Anticoagulant Solutions: Ad hoc
Committee on Adverse Reactions to Anesthetic Agents: Ad hoc
Committee on Ambulance Design Criteria
Committee on American Registry of Pathology
Committee on Anesthesia
Committee on Anticoagulants: Ad hoc
Committee on Army Medical Education
Committee on Army Medical Library
Committee on Army Medical Service Graduate School
Committee on Blood & Blood Derivatives
Committee on Blood & Related Problems
Committee on Blood & Transfusion Problems
Committee on Cancer Diagnosis & Therapy
Committee on Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation: Ad hoc
Committee on Chemotherapeutic & Other Agents
Committee on Communication Services in Initial Care & Transportation in Medical Emergencies: Ad hoc
Committee on Cutaneous System
Committee on Dental Research: Ad hoc
Committee on Dentistry
Committee on Drug Addiction & Narcotics
Committee on Effects of Atmospheric Contaminants on Human Health & Welfare
Committee on Effects of Dextran on Bleeding: Ad hoc
Committee on Emergency Medical Services
Committee on Environmental Physiology
Committee on Enzyme Detergents: Ad hoc
Committee on Fluoridation of Water Supplies: Ad hoc
Committee on Follow-up Study of Radiologists: Ad hoc
Committee on General Research Support Programs of NIH
Committee on Genitourinary System
Committee on Hearing
Committee on Human Engineering: Proposed
Committee on Hyperbaric Oxygenation
Committee on Imferon: Proposed
Committee on Infectious Diseases & Chemotherapy
Committee on Insect & Rodent Control
Committee on Malaria Therapy: Ad hoc
Committee on Medical Care in Public Fallout Shelters: Ad hoc
Committee on Medical Classification of Manpower: Proposed
Committee on Medical Education for National Defense Program: Ad hoc
Committee on Medical Microbiology: Ad hoc
Committee on Medicine

Subcom on Cardiovascular Diseases
Subcom on Dermatology
Subcom on Infectious Diseases
Subcom on Infectious Diseases & Chemotherapy
Subcom on Liver Diseases
Subcom on Malaria
Subcom on Skeletal System
Subcom on Tropical Medicine
Subcom on Tuberculosis
Subcom on Venereal Diseases

Committee on Medicine & Surgery
Com on Tissue Transplantation: Ad hoc
Panel on Pilonidal Cysts & Sinuses: Ad hoc
Panel on Stockpiling for Nasogastric Tube Feeding

Subcom on Anesthesia
Subcom on Blood & Related Problems
Subcom on Cardiovascular System
Subcom on Cutaneous System
Subcom on Infectious Diseases & Chemotherapy
Subcom on Nervous System
Subcom on Shock
Subcom on Skeletal System
Subcom on Trauma
Subcom on Tuberculosis

Committee on Naval Medical Research

Com on Clinical Investigation & Education in Naval Hospitals
Com on Navy Dental Research & Postgraduate Education Programs
Com on Navy Nonionizing-Radiation Research Program
Group on Clinical Investigation & Teaching Programs in Naval Hospitals

Committee on Nervous System
Committee on Neurobiology: Proposed
Committee on Neurology
Committee on Neuropsychiatry
Committee on Ophthalmology
Committee on Optical Radiation Hazards: Proposed
Committee on Orthopedic Information Services: Ad hoc
Committee on Pathology
Committee on Penicillin Dentifrice: Ad hoc
Committee on Physical Standards: Ad hoc
Committee on Plasma & Plasma Substitutes

Com on Component Therapy: Ad hoc
Com on Hepatitis-Associated Antigen Tests
Com on Laboratory Screening Tests for Hepatitis Carriers
Com on Plasmapheresis

Committee on Plastic Blood Collecting Equipment: Ad hoc
Committee on Pneumoconiosis Protection & Control: Proposed
Committee on Problems of Alcohol
Committee on Problems of Drug Dependence
Committee on Psychiatry
Committee on Radiation Cataracts
Committee on Radiology
Committee on Red Blood Cell Preservation: Ad hoc
Committee on Resuscitative Fluids: Ad hoc
Committee on Sanitary Engineering
Committee on Sanitary Engineering & Environment

Subcom on Animal Reservoirs & Vectors of Disease
Subcom on Atmospheric & Industrial Hygiene
Subcom on Food Sanitation
Subcom on Food Supply
Subcom on Personnel & Training
Subcom on Shelter & Clothing
Subcom on Thermal Factors in Environment
Subcom on Vector Control
Subcom on Waste Disposal
Subcom on Water Supply

Committee on Sarcoidosis
Committee on Scientific Validity & Acceptability of Using Whole Body Irradiation prior to Bone Marrow Transplantation: Ad hoc
Committee on Shock
Committee on Skeletal System
Committee on Snakebite Therapy: Ad hoc
Committee on Stress: Ad hoc
Committee on Surgery

Panel on Vagotomy
Subcom on Anesthesia
Subcom on Blood Coagulation
Subcom on Burns
Subcom on Chemistry of Blood Coagulation
Subcom on Nervous System
Subcom on Neurosurgery
Subcom on Ophthalmology
Subcom on Orthopedic Surgery
Subcom on Shock
Subcom on Thoracic Surgery
Subcom on Vascular Diseases: Proposed
Subcom on Vascular Surgery

Committee on Thrombosis & Hemorrhage
Committee on Tissue Transplantation
Committee on Toxicological Information Program
Committee on Trauma

Com on Medical Disaster Surveys: Ad hoc
Com on Natl Survey of Magnitude of Accident Trauma
Com to Study Advisability of Categorization of Emergency Facilities

Committee on Tropical Health: Advisory
Committee on Tropical Medicine: Advisory
Committee on Tuberculosis
Committee on Tumor Immunology: Ad hoc
Committee on Typhoid Immunization: Ad hoc
Committee on Underwater Physiology & Medicine
Committee on Urology
Committee on Use of Cadaver Tissue: Ad hoc
Committee on Use of Electronic Computers in Biology & Medicine: Adv
Committee on Uses of Electronic Computers in Biological & Medical Sciences
Committee on Veterans Medical Problems
Committee to Evaluate Hazard of Lead in Paint: Ad hoc
Committee to Review Policies Procedures & Decisions of Division of Antibiotics & New Drug Branch of FDA: Special: Adv to Secretary of HEW
Committee to Review Program of Blood Transfusion Research: Division of US Army Medical Research Lab Fort Knox Kentucky: Ad hoc
Conference Group on Laboratory Equipment
Conference on Airborne Infection
Conference on Artificial Hibernation
Conference on Artificial Respiration
Conference on Bacillary & Amebic Enteritis
Conference on Biological Aspects of Metal-Binding
Conference on Blood
Conference on Carbon Monoxide in Cockpits of Jet Aircraft: Ad hoc
Conference on Chloramphenicol: Ad hoc
Conference on Dermatophytosis
Conference on Environmental Health: Ad hoc
Conference on Evaluation of Pharmacotherapy in Mental Illness
Conference on Germ-Free Animals
Conference on Inosine Toxicity: Ad hoc
Conference on Insect & Rodent Control
Conference on Insect Physiology: Ad hoc
Conference on Kinetics of Virus Sterilization by Ethylene Oxide: Ad hoc
Conference on Liver Function Studies
Conference on National Blood Program of American Red Cross: Ad hoc
Conference on Naval Quarantine Measures
Conference on Occupational Therapy
Conference on Physical Classification of Manpower
Conference on Physiological Bases of Selection of Personnel
Conference on Postwar Research
Conference on Protective Ointments
Conference on Radioactive Dextran
Conference on Relationships w US Public Health Service on Studies on
Environmental Aspects of Hospital-Acquired Staphylococcal Diseases
Conference on Results of Exposure to Cold
Conference on Resuscitation: Ad hoc
Conference on Sarcoidosis
Conference on Scientific Meetings: Proposed
Conference on Strategic & Critical Materials: Ad hoc
Conference on Symposium on Use of Computers in Biology & Medicine
Conference on Typhus Fever
Conference on Uses of Gamma Globulin
Conferences on Artificial Respiration: Ad hoc
Group on Emergency Medical Services Communications: Ad hoc Advisory
Group on Ultraviolet Light as Cutaneous Carcinogenic Agent
Medical Records Selection
Medical Sciences Information Exchange
Military Advisory Services
Panel on Clarity Standards & Deterioration of Parenteral Solutions: Ad hoc
Panel on Medical Science Adv to Assistant Scty of Defense for R&D
Panel on Terminology in Red Cell Preservation: Ad hoc
Panel to Review R&D Activities of American Natl Red Cross Blood Program

Antibiotic Resistance
Burn Remedies
Federal Research into Child Health & Disease
Fluoridation of Water Supplies
Radiation Research
Trace Elements
Tuberculosis in Ryukyu Islands
Utilization of Mental Hospitals in Civilian Defense Program

Requests for Advice
Requests for Proposal Review

Academic Radiology
Army Medical Research Program
Assessment of Plastic Blood Transfusion Assemblies: Proposed
Behavioral Sciences for Medicine
Motivation: Proposed
National R&D Program of US Army
Problems in Biomedical Communication
Radiation Impact to General Population of Nuclear-Powered Artificial Hearts: Benefit-Risk Analysis: Proposed
Review of Legal & Regulatory Structure of Blood Services in US: Proposed
Selected Army Medical Research Projects
Standard First Aid Manual
Survey of Medical Research in Veterans Administration
Survey of Research & Education in Veterans Administration
Survey on Alcoholism: Proposed
Ultrasonic Vibrations & Their Medical Implications: Proposed
Ultraviolet Light
Use of Laser in Biological Research: Proposed
Usefulness & Limitations of Purified Serum Albumin in Cirrhosis of Liver: Proposed
Veteran Twins

Symposium on Atherosclerosis
Symposium on Intravenous Fluids in Hemorrhagic Hypovolemia & Shock
Task Force on Communication Services in Initial Care & Transportation in Medical Emergencies
Task Force on Intravascular Thrombosis
Task Force on Thrombosis
Workshop on Epidemiological Surveys



AGENCIES & Departments

Air Force
Atomic Energy Commission
Committee on Scientific R&D: Interdepartmental
Federal Security Agency
Health Education & Welfare
Interagency Liaison Group for Human Radiobiology Studies
National Aeronautics & Space Administration
Post Office
Smithsonian Institution
Veterans Administration


General Accounting Office


National Blood Program
Office of Science & Technology
President’s Adv Commission on Narcotic & Drug Abuse
President’s Committee on Mental Retardation
President’s Science Adv Committee
White House Conference on Health

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