Division Collections

Division of States Relations, 1919-1937 


INSTITUTIONS Associations Individuals

American Academy of Political & Social Science

Conference on Federal vs State Jurisdiction: 1926

American Association of State Highway Officials: 1919

American Historical Association

Annual Meeting: 1920

Association of Land-Grant Colleges: 1926-1931

Columbia University: 1921-1922

Commonwealth Club of California: 1921

Conf of State & Provincial Health Authorities of North America: 1919-1920

International Association of Game & Fish Commissioners: 1919-1920

National Association of Fisheries Commissioners: 1919-1920

National Municipal League: 1923-1933

Social Science Research Council: 1928-1931

Society of American Foresters: 1919-1921

University of Virginia

Institute of Public Affairs: 1927

General: 1919-1933


Published Studies of NRC Div of States Relations

Formal Listings: 1925-1926

"Readjustment": 1919

"State Government": 1930-1933


STATES Relations

Appointments: Members: 1919-1937

Beginning of Division: 1919-1920

Bi-monthly Reports: 1921-1929

Committee on Continuity of State Scientific Work: 1927-1928

Committee on Relations between Scientific Agencies in State & Federal Govts

Cooperation with Federal Govt in Scientific Work: 1922-1923
Meetings: Minutes: 1921
Survey of Cooperative Scientific Work: 1920-1922

Committee on Research Function of Government: 1927-1928

Committee on Study of Achievment in Research under State Auspices

"Glimpses of State Research": 1925
State Research Achievement Series: 1925-1927
General: 1924-1926

Discontinuance of Division: 1936-1937

Executive Committee

Appointments: 1919-1937
Meetings: Minutes: 1920-1931
General: 1920-1921

Historical Accounts: 1920-1925

Mailing Lists: 1921-1922


Annual 1921-1928
Organizational: 1919
Public: Proposed: 1928

Members: Formal Listings: 1920-1921

Nominating Committee: 1920-1933

Requests for State Government Publications: 1919-1927

State Officials: Formal Listing: 1919-1920


Application of Civil Service to State Scientific Depts: 1920-1922
Centralized Control of State Scientific Agencies: 1922
Evaluation of System of Central Financial Control of Research in State Govts: 1923-1925
Fiscal Relationships between State Universities & Agricultural Colleges & Central Organization of State Govts: 1926
Organization & Activities of Com on Scientific Research of State Council of Defense of California: 1919-1923
Organization & Activities of State Scientific Agencies: 1920-1921
Postwar Status of State Scientific Organizations: 1919
Relations between Administration of State & Publicly Supported Agencies of Education & Research: 1930-1932
Reorganization of State Govts: 1921
Research Activities of Depts of State Govt of California in Relation to Movement for Reorganization: 1920-1922
Research Relationships between State University & State Govt of California: 1924-1925
Scientific Investigation by California Fish & Game Commission: 1921-1924
Status of Scientific Research in Illinois by State Agencies other than U of Illinois: 1921-1923
Survey of State Scientific Depts: 1923-1925
General: 1920-1928


Conditions Affecting Scientific Work under State Auspices: 1921
Conditions Determining Nature of Research Work undertaken by State Govt Agencies: 1926-1927
Value to Commonwealth of Research Work of Scientific Agencies of State Govts: 1925

Trips: 1922-1923

General: 1919-1937



Funds: Grants: 1919-1930


AGENCIES & Departments

Interior: Office of Education: 1927-1930


Acts: 1930


Council of National Defense: 1919

STATE Governments

California: State Council of Defense: 1919

Kansas: State Council of Defense: 1919

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