Series 10: Photographs, 1945-1970. Series contains photographs of various people, places, and events in and around Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Approximately .6 linear feet.

ABCC Advisory Committee Meeting: Mar 1959

ABCC Building & BOQ: Hiroshima & Nagasaki: 1951

ABCC Hiroshima Clinical Lab Facilities & Motor Pool at Ujina: 1950

ABCC Installation on Hijayama: 1962

ABCC Special Photographic Report: 1949-1950

ABCC Staff & Col Tessmer's House: 1949

A-Bomb Damage in Hiroshima & Nagasaki: 1945

Black House: BOQ for ABCC Personnel Near Kure: 1948

British Housing Area Near Kure: 1949

Dr Darling Acceptance of Japan Medical Assn Supreme Award: 1967

Flags & Memorial to President Eisenhower: 31 Mar - 29 Apr: 1969

Flood Near Nagasaki: Jul 1957

Fukui Earthquake: Jul 1948

Gensuikyo Delegation Protesting at Nagasaki ABCC: 1967

Hiroshima Construction Photographs (1): 1950

Hiroshima Construction Photographs (2): 1950

Hiroshima Pictures: 1945-1949

Hiroshima Pathology Department Memorial Service: Sept 1957

Meeting for Report on Medical Survey of Japanese in Hawaii: 1970

Misc People: 1957-1958

Misc Subjects: 1964

Model for ABCC Labs on Urakami Site Nagasaki: 1949

Nagasaki Pathology Department Memorial Service: Oct 1962

Nijimura Housing Area: ca 1950

Pictorial Review: 1955

Pictures of Strike at ABCC Hiroshima: Jun 1962

Strike Notices: Hiroshima: 1965

Tea Ceremony to Celebrate Award of ICA Funds: 1960

Unitarian Mission for Medical Education: 1950

VIP Tatami Dinner Hiroshima: Sept 1961

Visit of Crown Prince Akihito to Ujina ABCC Facilities: Apr 1949

Visit of Deputy Minister of Health & Welfare et al: Oct 1959

Visit of Dr. Higuchi to NIH: May 1966

Visit of Prince Yoshi: Apr 1957

Visit of Princess Chichibu: 1960

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