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Senior Director of Development
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Associate Director of Development
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Giving Opportunities

Your contribution to the NAS supports science-based advice on critical issues facing our nation. Please read our 2018 Stewardship Report to learn more about how a gift to the NAS helped science have a strong and effective voice.

NAS Annual Fund

Gifts to the NAS Annual Fund provide critical, unrestricted funding for the Academy’s ongoing role as a leading voice for factual scientific consensus on issues that affect society. Your gift to the NAS Annual Fund sustains current programs and initiatives while enabling the Academy to respond in a timely manner to emerging scientific concerns.

In addition, these unrestricted funds allow the Academy to sponsor symposia, roundtables, lectures, and forums on critical national and global issues. These activities are designed to educate and inform public policy, encourage education and research, and increase public understanding of science.

Most importantly, your unrestricted support enables the NAS to address the right question at the right time and effectively communicate the results to the right people.

NAS Endowment

Choosing to give a gift in perpetuity to the NAS Endowment provides long-term financial stability for the Academy. Endowment gifts are a powerful expression of commitment. These gifts will translate into a tangible benefit to the science community and the nation at large while ensuring the financial strength and stability that is vital to achieving the NAS mission – to promote the scientific welfare of the nation.


Highlighted below are some programs of the NAS that you can support directly. Follow the links below to learn more.

» Committee on Human Rights (CHR)

The Committee on Human Rights (CHR) began its work in 1976 by publicly denouncing the unjust treatment of eight scientific colleagues in Argentina, Uruguay, and the Soviet Union. Thirty-eight years later, thousands of appeals have been made and more than 1,000 cases have been resolved. Your gift aids the humanitarian work of the Committee and, thus, the cause of persecuted scientists around the world.

» Cultural Programs (CPNAS)

Cultural Programs of the National Academy of Sciences (CPNAS) sponsors activities that explore the intersections among the arts, science, medicine, engineering, and popular culture. These include art exhibitions, lectures, films, concerts, the DC Art Science Evening Rendezvous (DASER), and the African American History Program. Your donation helps the NAS to fulfill its civic responsibility and ensure that these programs, offered to the public at no charge, can continue.

» Distinctive Voices

Distinctive Voices is a public lecture series that highlights innovations, discoveries, and emerging issues in a stimulating and engaging forum. All lectures are offered free of charge. Your gift will help to increase public education and understanding of matters involving science, engineering, technology, and health.

» Kavli Frontiers of Science

The Academy's Kavli Frontiers of Science symposia bring together outstanding young scientists to discuss exciting advances and opportunities in a broad range of disciplines. The symposia help to remove communication barriers between fields and encourage interdisciplinary collaborations among some of the world's best and brightest young scientists.

» LabX

In keeping with its mission to communicate the nature, values, and judgements of science to the public, the National Academy of Sciences has launched LabX, a public engagement initiative that will promote evidence-based decision making on issues that have significant relevance to communities and in which science is an important factor. Audiences will engage with the program through a combination of online platforms and face-to-face group activities at venues in Washington, D.C. and others around the country.

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