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Giving Opportunities

Your philanthropy underpins our ability to address critical issues and catalyze action on problems that affect everyone. Most importantly, you help us to provide leadership and make an impact on public policy in the United States and abroad.

Read the most recent appeal letter from President McNutt to learn more about how your philanthropic support is instrumental in continuing our vital work.

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 Public Engagement and Outreach

Science & Entertainment Exchange (The Exchange)

The Science & Entertainment Exchange connects professionals in the entertainment industry with top scientists and engineers to create a synergy between accurate science and engaging storylines in both film and TV programming. The Exchange uses the vehicle of popular entertainment media to deliver subtle, but nevertheless powerful, messages about science. Past projects include Game of Thrones, A Wrinkle in Time, Black Panther, and Thor.


LabX creates immersive programming that engages young adult audiences with scientific topics in ways that are relevant to their daily lives, including the role-playing Extreme Event game, as well as the Night Lab evening event series.

Cultural Programs of the NAS (CPNAS)

The Cultural Programs of the NAS highlights the intersection of art, science, and culture through rotating art exhibitions, a permanent art collection, and public programs that include film screenings, theatrical readings, and the DC Art Science Evening Rendezvous (DASER) series, a monthly discussion forum on art and science projects in the Washington, DC metropolitan region and beyond.

The Science Behind It

The digital mixed media project The Science Behind It provides brief, easily understood, evidence-based answers to questions related to how science, engineering, and medicine touch our lives every day. Designed to help make sense of complicated topics, the project highlights topics ranging from immigration and climate change to cybersecurity and space exploration.

From Research to Reward

From Research to Reward is a multimedia, online series that examines real-life examples of how society benefits from basic scientific research, even though the research at first glance does not appear to have practical implications. By sharing true stories of people who creatively apply new scientific knowledge to make the world a better place, the NAS demonstrates how vital scientific research is to all of us.

Climate Communications Initiative (CCI)

The Climate Communications Initiative is a recently established, joint commitment across all three Academies to help the nation and world better understand climate change, prepare for its effects, and limit its magnitude. Through cross-cutting initiatives to improve communication, fill research gaps, and advance the discussion around climate change, CCI provides important leadership and guidance on one of the most pressing issues of our time.

Distinctive Voices

Distinctive Voices presentations, geared toward the general public, are an exciting and engaging forum highlighting innovations, discoveries, and emerging issues behind today’s hot topics in science, including medicine, biotechnology, energy, the environment, space exploration, and more. Events are held in Irvine, CA and videos are easily accessible on our YouTube channel at

 Cultivating Inclusion, Diversity, and Emerging Talent

Christine Mirzayan Science and Technology Policy Graduate Fellowship Program

The Christine Mirzayan Science and Technology Policy Graduate Fellowship Program provides an opportunity for current graduate students or recent graduates from a diverse set of graduate and professional programs to spend 12 weeks in Washington, DC with the National Academies, gaining essential skills and knowledge for a career in science policy at the federal, state, and local levels. Although most of the fellows have either attained or are pursuing a PhD, alumni fellows also hail from medical schools, law schools, or other graduate professional programs.

Kavli Frontiers of Science (KFoS)

Kavli Frontiers of Science symposia bring together outstanding young scientists to discuss advances and opportunities in a broad range of disciplines, through presentations, one-on-one conversations, and informal group discussions. Annual symposia are held in the US and around the world, and symposium presentations are posted online. The interdisciplinary partnerships established during KFoS symposia help to establish lasting global connections among new generations of researchers.

New Voices

Recognizing that the United States' emerging leaders possess the energy, insights, and communication skills needed to advance the dialogue on our most pressing challenges, the National Academies established the New Voices project in 2018 as an initiative designed to bring diverse perspectives from early and mid-career leaders to important dialogues around how science, engineering, and medicine are shaping the global future.

 Domestic and International Partnerships

Committee on Human Rights (CHR)

The Committee on Human Rights is a standing committee composed of members from all three Academies that serves as a bridge between the human rights and scientific communities. Since its creation in 1976, the CHR has helped to resolve more than 1,000 cases in 80 countries involving scientists, engineers, and health professionals whose human rights have been seriously violated. The Committee also raises awareness of topical issues at the intersection of human rights and science, engineering, and medicine.

International Collaboration

The NAS hosts many forums and exchanges with its international counterparts to foster enduring and productive partnerships among scientists from around the world and address topics of global concern. Private funding has played a critical role in the establishment and continued operation of these partnerships. If you would like more information about the NAS’s international partnerships or how you can make a gift, please contact Reggie Jackson, Acting Director of Development.

 Gift and Naming Opportunities at the National Academy of Sciences

NAS Annual Fund

NAS Annual Fund contributions support ongoing public engagement activities and outreach efforts, while also enabling the Academy to respond to emerging issues facing our nation and world in a timely manner.

Most importantly, your unrestricted support enables the NAS to address the right question at the right time and effectively communicate the results to the right people.

Naming Opportunities

Endowed fellowships, programs, and spaces in the historic NAS Building provide naming opportunities that allow you to support our work while commemorating your contributions to the scientific enterprise.

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