Henry Lardy

University of Wisconsin-Madison

August 19, 1917 - August 4, 2010

Election Year: 1958
Scientific Discipline: Biochemistry
Membership Type: Member

Henry Lardy’s research enhanced our understanding of metabolism. Focusing on cellular respiration, he observed that the enzymes that catalyze the production of ATP, a cell energy molecule, require potassium ions to react, which demonstrated the mechanism of metabolism to be thermodynamically stable. He also uncovered the metabolic pathways of many biological processes and the chemical mechanisms of the enzymes involved in each.

Lardy earned his undergraduate degree at South Dakota University and went on to receive his master’s degree and PhD from the University of Wisconsin. The University of Wisconsin then offered him a position as a professor of biochemistry and a job as a researcher for the university’s Enzyme Institute. He was a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and the American Philosophical Society.

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