Isidore S. Edelman

Columbia University

July 24, 1920 - November 21, 2004

Scientific Discipline: Biochemistry
Membership Type:
Member (elected 1973)

Isidore S. Edelman’s research focused on ion transport throughout the body. He used radioactive isotopes to label and study the distribution of electrolytes, salts and minerals, within the body’s blood and fluids. In addition, he showed how hormones, such as aldosterone, stimulate the active transport of ions, especially sodium, across cells in the kidney.  
Edelman earned his undergraduate degree and M.D. from Indiana University in 1944. After serving in the U.S. Army Medical Corps from 1945 to 1947, he completed his residency at Montefiore Hospital in The Bronx, NY. In 1951, he began his work on electrolyte metabolism as a research fellow at Harvard Medical School. He began a long career at the University of California, San Francisco in 1952 where he served as a professor of medicine, physiology, and biophysics. In 1960, he became the director of their Cardiovascular Research Institute. In 1988 he left the University of California, San Francisco to serve as chairman of the Biochemistry and Molecular Physics department at Columbia University and founded the Columbia Genome Center.

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