Jacob Ziv

Technion-Israel Institute of Technology

Primary Section: 34, Computer and Information Sciences
Secondary Section: 31, Engineering Sciences
Membership Type:
International Member (elected 2004)

Research Interests

My general fields of activities are: Information Theory and Statistical Theory of Communications. In particular, I have been involved in establishing a variety of "universal" Information-theoretic results for cases where the statistics of the message sequences which are transmitted via a communication channel are unknown or do not exist( the individual sequence approach), and where the probabilistic laws that govern the (noisy) communication channel are unknown. This theoretical approach led to complexity measures for individual sequences, efficient universal data compression algorithms, universal channel decoding algorithms, and efficient universal prediction and classification algorithms. I was also involved with early versions of concatenated error correcting codes and a variety of bounds on the border-line between information theory and statistical communication theory as well as bounds on multi-user communication problems in Information Theory.

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