Klaus von Klitzing

Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research

Election Year: 1990
Primary Section: 33, Applied Physical Sciences
Membership Type: International Member

Research Interests

Electronic properties of heterostructures, quantum wells, superlattices, and molecular systems, in particular the influence of quantum phenomena on the transport and optical response are the main topics of my research group. Optical and transport measurements in magnetic fields up to B = 18 Tesla and temperatures down to 25 mK are used to characterize the systems. The quantum Hall effect is studied by analyzing the electrical breakdown, the time-resolved transport, the edge channels, and the behavior of composite fermions. Electron-phonon interactions in low-dimensional systems are investigated with ballistic phonon techniques. Time-resolved photoconductivity and luminescence measurements in magnetic fields are methods of characterizing the electronic properties optically excited carriers. A strong current interest is the preparation and investigation of coupled two-dimensional electronic systems and quantum dots. The cleanroom facility allows the realization of structures where a single electron dominates the optical and electronic behavior. The experiments are supported within the group by theoretical investigations of the transport and dynamic response of these low-dimensional electronic systems. In the research field of molecular electronics, the properties of conductive polymers, fullerenes, Au-cluster, and switching molecules are investigated.

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