Tullio Pozzan

University of Padua

Election Year: 2006
Primary Section: 23, Physiology and Pharmacology
Secondary Section: 22, Cellular and Developmental Biology
Membership Type: Foreign Associate

Research Interests

My main scientific interest over the last 25 years has been the study of Ca2+ as a universal intracellular second messenger. My interests in Ca2+ signaling began with the characterization, in isolated organelles, of the mitochondrial Ca2+ homeostatic mechanisms. Later during my post doc in Cambridge, UK, I participated to the development of the intracellular trappable fluorescent Ca2+ indicators and in the following years using this tools I could clarify a number of key questions in the activation of leukocytes. My group developed the first genetically encoded probes with selective subcellular localization (targeted aequorins). This new approach leads to a series of novel discoveries on the mechanisms of subcellular Ca2+ handling and in particular to the understanding of how mitochondria participate in cellular Ca2+ handling (thus setting the basis for the understanding of the participation of these organelles in apoptosis). My present interests focus on a detailed description and understanding of the mechanisms of Ca2+ uptake and release in mitochondria in situ and on the role of Ca2+ signaling in the neuron-glia cross talk in the CNS. Finally over the last few years I became interested also in the signaling pathway controlled by the other universal intracellular messenger, cAMP. My group generated the first genetically encoded fluorescent cAMP probe and we have contributed to establishing the concept of cAMP microdomains, a topic that we are actively investigating at the moment.

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