Harold W. Kroto

Florida State University

Election Year: 2006
Primary Section: 14, Chemistry
Secondary Section: 13, Physics
Membership Type: Foreign Associate

Research Interests

Present research programme in N&N (Nanoscience and Nanotechnology) at FSU focuses on the self-assembly of atomic and molecular components into supramolecular matrices whose bulk properties reflect intrinsic behavior manifested only at nanoscale dimensions e.g. molecular dynamics, quantum behavior etc. It is a nanoscale materials science and chemical physics programme which uses chemical and biochemical approaches to probe the assembly of networks into extended 2-dimensional flat arrays as well as discrete closed cage structures. Electron microscopy and mass spectrometric techniques are being used to explore the factors governing nanostructure growth. The programme capitalizes on experience gained during the last decade in nanoscale materials science at FSU and the Sussex N&N Centre (SNNC) at Sussex University (cf www.snnc.sussec.ac.uk). Specific projects involve: novel nanostructures with intrinsic functional behavior such as 2D arrays of chemically bonded molecular clusters some of which are molecular magnets: Synthetics routes to carbon nanostructures; Electrolytic assembly of carbon nanostructures on templated surface; Protein oligomer and DNA self-assembly of molecular scaffolds; the detailed investigation of carbon vapor by very high resolution mass spectrometric techniques. In addition a recording/broadcasting studio has been built at FSU to develop new ways of using the Internet for educational purposes. This Global Educational Outreach (GEO) initiative is already broadcasting on the web.

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