Herbert W. Virgin, IV

Vir Biotechnology, Inc.

Election Year: 2016
Primary Section: 44, Microbial Biology
Secondary Section: 43, Immunology and Inflammation
Membership Type: Member

Research Interests

We seek to understand the interactions between virus and host in molecular and immunologic terms, how these interactions are disrupted during disease and how the mechanisms involved may be targeted therapeutically. We focus on host pathways that are important for human disease susceptibility such as autophagy and interferon responses. Our primary interest is in chronic virus infection and the virome, but we also study acute virus infection, bacteria, helminths, apicomplexan pathogens and commensals as needed to define mechanisms of immunity. We use genetic, computational, sequencing, and structural approaches to test hypotheses. The nature of this type of research is highly collaborative as we frequently require the expertise of our colleagues to get to the bottom of a scientific question.

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