Francisco Guinea

IMDEA Nanociencia (Imdea Nanoscience)

Election Year: 2017
Primary Section: 33, Applied Physical Sciences
Secondary Section: 13, Physics
Membership Type: Foreign Associate


Francisco Guinea is a physicist who works on theoretical condensed matter physics and statistical mechanics.

Francisco Guinea was born in Madrid, and obtained his PhD at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. He was a Fullbright postdoctoral fellow at ITP (now KITP), UC Santa Barbara. He has worked at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, CSIC (Madrid, Spain), and University of Manchester and Imdea, Madrid, Spain.

His recent work has focused on models for the novel properties of graphene and other two dimensional materials.

Research Interests

Francisco Guinea has studied, among other topics, superconductivity, magnetism, pattern formation, strongly correlated materials, mesoscopic physics, and macroscopic quantum mechanics. A significant fraction of his work deals with problems at the interfaces between different areas, and highlights how concepts developed in one field can be generalized to others.

Recent research by Francisco Guinea has focused on the novel properties of graphene and other two dimensional materials, such as the non trivial coupling between electronic structure and geometrical deformations, the role of the electron-electron interaction, and the coupling between spins and orbital motion.

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