Douglas S. Massey

Princeton University

Election Year: 1998
Primary Section: 53, Social and Political Sciences
Membership Type: Member

Research Interests

Throughout my career as a demographer and sociologist, I have pursued independent lines of theoretical and empirical research. The first focuses on international migration, where I have sought to understand the forces that promote and sustain population movements between countries. For more than a decade, I have conducted representative surveys of Mexican sending communities and their U.S. destination areas and used these data to determine the causes of Mexican immigration and the consequences for both Mexico and the United States. My second area of interest concerns the causes and consequences of residential segregation within urban areas, focusing particularly on African Americans in the United States. In both areas, I have been active in developing methodological tools and formulating theories as well as testing hypotheses empirically. I recently launched into a new area of work by designing and implementing a survey of blacks, whites, and Latinos in higher education in order to understand the processes by which these groups enter, pass through, and graduate from colleges and universities.

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