Anthony A. James

University of California, Irvine

Election Year: 2006
Primary Section: 61, Animal, Nutritional, and Applied Microbial Sciences
Secondary Section: 26, Genetics
Membership Type: Member

Research Interests

Our laboratory researches genetic and molecular genetic strategies for interrupting pathogen transmission by mosquitoes. We focus on the mosquitoes that vector human malaria parasites and dengue viruses. These efforts include the identification and isolation of mosquito genes whose control sequences can be used to direct the expression of antipathogen effector molecules. Our research group is the first to develop transgenesis procedures for mosquitoes, and recently we were able to engineer single-chain antibodies that interfere with malaria parasite development in the mosquito. We collaborate to develop ways to prevent dengue virus transmission based on an RNAi strategy. We are working on mechanisms for the efficient and safe introgression of the effector genes into mosquito populations.

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