Roy G. D'Andrade

University of California, San Diego

Election Year: 1998
Primary Section: 51, Anthropology
Membership Type: Emeritus

Research Interests

My research has involved work in cognitive anthropology, especially the organization of cultural systems of belief and meaning. I have investigated structures underlying cultural systems of belief and meaning using a variety of scaling methods and other analytic techniques. In a number of studies of cultural systems, including beliefs about illness, kinship terms, and character terms, underlying structures have been found to affect cognitive judgments of similarity, accuracy, and systematic bias in memory, reasoning ability, and other cognitive processes. A variety of models have been constructed to describe the underlying cognitive structures involved in cultural systems of belief and meaning, ranging from various kinds of feature models to implicational structures capable of generating culturally acceptable propositions. I have also been involved with investigations of the human genealogy based on the analysis of mitochondrial DNA, the perceptual dimensions of color perception, the effect of cultural models on reasoning, emergent properties of cultural sharing, and cultural influences on the organization of human motives. Currently, I am working on the dimensions underlying value and attitude scales.

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