C. Ronald Kahn

Harvard University

Election Year: 1999
Primary Section: 42, Medical Physiology and Metabolism
Secondary Section: 22, Cellular and Developmental Biology
Membership Type: Member

Research Interests

As a physician/scientist, studies in my laboratory have focused on the mechanism of action of insulin and its alterations in diabetes and other insulin resistant states. Through this, we have identified the insulin receptor as a tyrosine kinase, and identified and cloned a number of insulin receptor substrates and their intracellular interacting molecules. We have also studied the molecular mechanisms of a number of related problems, including obesity, growth factor action, and cellular regulation. We have been able to demonstrate alterations in these signaling systems in humans with diabetes and have created cellular models and transgenic and knockout animal models to determine the role of these molecules physiologically and pathophysiologically. My laboratory has also been involved in studies of the genetics of Type 2 diabetes using subtraction cloning and the candidate gene approach and now embarking on studies using DNA chip array analysis. A major goal of the laboratory is to understand complex disorders in which there is a strong interaction between genes and the environment.

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