Akinlawon Mabogunje

Foundation for Development and Environmental Initiatives (FDI)

Primary Section: 64, Human Environmental Sciences
Secondary Section: 53, Social and Political Sciences
Membership Type: International Member (elected 1999)

Research Interests

As a social scientist, my research interests are in the field of urban and rural development. I have done work on rural-urban migrations in African countries, especially Nigeria, emphasizing some of the peculiarities arising from the juxtaposition in the region of preindustrial and industrial urban systems. I have identified some of the consequences of this juxtaposition on the level of regional development, rural development, and the environment. My work has called attention to the persistence of modified preindustrial institutional structures whose better understanding and utilization can help to more effectively unleash development energies of the people, especially in the rural areas, and, more recently, I have been concerned with the policy applications of these concepts and particularly with their uses in confronting urban and rural poverty in Nigeria and other African countries, such as Tanzania and South Africa. I hope to further explore the robustness of these concepts for promoting effective strategies of socioeconomic and environmental transformations in the developing countries of Africa.

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