Erin K. O'Shea

Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Election Year: 2004
Primary Section: 21, Biochemistry
Secondary Section: 29, Biophysics and Computational Biology
Membership Type: Member

Research Interests

Cells survival depends on the ability to sense and respond to a dynamic and unpredictable environment. My lab is interested in how cells sense and coordinate their response to changing environmental conditions. We have focused primarily on deciphering the mechanisms by which budding yeast cells sense and respond to levels of inorganic phosphate in the environment. These studies have led to a detailed understanding of the regulation of protein function by phosphorylation and to fundamental insights into the control of protein trafficking into and out of the nucleus. We are now focused on determining how the network of proteins involved in these responses allow cells to maintain constant intracellular levels of nutrients and ions despite unpredictable fluctuations in the external environment. Recently, with Jonathan Weissman's group, we have also developed reagents that allow us to monitor properties of virtually the entire complement of proteins expressed by the yeast cell.

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