Seiya Uyeda

University of Tokyo

Primary Section: 16, Geophysics
Secondary Section: 15, Geology
Membership Type: International Member (elected 1976)

Research Interests

I have been interested in various fields in solid earth geophysics. They are, in roughly chronological order: (1) rock-magnetism in which I discovered the self-reversal phenomenon of thermoremanent magnetism of rocks and clarified its physical mechanism; (2) land and marine terrestrial heat flow studies in which I made the characteristics of heat flow distribution in Japan and environs, namely a subduction zone, clear; (3) tectonics of island arcs which led to the concept of subduction independent of plate tectonics; (4) plate tectonics in which I contributed in establishing that the main driving mechanism of plate motions is the negative buoyancy of subducted slabs; and (5) my current interest, which is focused on the possible existence and physics of electromagnetic precursors to earthquakes, with the hope that they may prove to be useful for short-term earthquake prediction.

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