Arthur C. Gossard

University of California, Santa Barbara

Primary Section: 33, Applied Physical Sciences
Secondary Section: 31, Engineering Sciences
Membership Type:
Member (elected 2001)

Research Interests

My research interest is in the growth of electronic materials, especially the growth of artificially structured semiconductor quantum materials by molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) and the application of these new materials for physics and technology. The goal is to discover new physics phenomena and develop high-performance electrical and optical devices. My laboratory works on the fabrication and properties of compound semiconductor quantum wells, quantum wires, and parabolically graded quantum structures, as well as the growth of magnetic semiconductors and epitaxial films containing self-assembled metal islands and self-assembled quantum dots. In the area of MBE technology we pursue the development of in situ processing and monitoring of the molecular beam epitaxial crystal growth process. In our work on device applications we make artificially structured materials for high-speed heterojunction transistors and new infrared detectors, as well as photo-pumped sources of continuous terahertz far-infrared radiation. We also are making epitaxial films for use in nanoelectromechanical sensing of small forces and torques in self-sensing cantilevers and compliant magnetic torque magnetometers.

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