J. Robert Schrieffer

Florida State University

Election Year: 1971
Primary Section: 13, Physics
Membership Type: Member

Research Interests

My research is focused on the study of strongly correlated electron systems, with applications to high-temperature superconductivity, metal-insulator transition materials, and magnetic phase transitions. These problems share the common feature of a competition between quantum delocalization, which dominates the electronic structure of conventional solids, and strong interparticle repulsion which tends to localize the electrons. Associated with this tendency toward localization is the occurrence of magnetic order, either local or global. In addition, I am investigating the fundamental mechanism leading to the pairing potential underlying high-temperature superconductivity, most likely a potential involving exchange interactions involving localized and itinerant spins. Finally, I have been studying electron dynamics in magnetic fields that vary rapidly in space and/or time. Many novel effects have been uncovered in these studies.

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