J. William Schopf

University of California, Los Angeles

Primary Section: 27, Evolutionary Biology
Secondary Section: 15, Geology
Membership Type: Member (elected 1998)

Research Interests

My general areas of research are evolutionary biology, organic geochemistry, biochemical evolution, paleobotany and palynology, microbiology and phycology, historical geology, lunar studies, and comparative planetology. Specifically, I am interested in Precambrian paleobiology, which includes geologic aspects of the origin of life; antiquity and Precambrian evolution of living systems; interrelationships of atmospheric, lithospheric, biologic, and biochemical evolution; organic geochemistry of Precambrian sediments; micropaleontology of Precambrian stromatolites, cherts, and shales; and the relevance of stromatolites, phytoplankton, and ancient microbiotas to problems of Precambrian biodiversity and biostratigraphy.

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