Rudolph A. Marcus

California Institute of Technology

Election Year: 1970
Primary Section: 14, Chemistry
Membership Type: Member

Research Interests

Our research involves theories of the rates of various chemical reactions and of related processes. Some of the theories have focused on electron transfer reactions under a wide variety of experimental conditions, such as in solution, in proteins, in clusters, at various electrochemically active interfaces, and across organic bridged systems. Our research also includes the theory of rates of unimolecular reactions in the gas phase (RRKM theory) and the extension of it to treat the quantum state distribution of the reaction products. In other studies we have been involved in formulating theories on topics such as intramolecular dynamics, solvent dynamics in liquids and in clusters, and solvent relaxation around photoexcited polar solutes. The emphasis has been on the derivation of equations relating one type of process to another and which may suggest different comparisons of data and experimental predictions. The unimolecular topics include the unusual mass-independent isotope effect in ozone formation and destruction.

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