John B. Goodenough

The University of Texas at Austin

Primary Section: 33, Applied Physical Sciences
Membership Type:
Member (elected 2012)

Research Interests

Dr. Goodenough studies the relationships between the chemistry, structure, and electrical properties of solids in order to design new or improved technical materials. He along with his research group uses high pressure to study the unusual physical properties encountered at the transition from magnetic to metallic behavior in transition-metal oxides. In the 1950s, Goodenough helped to develop the ferrimagnetic memory cores of the first random-access memory (RAM) of the digital computer and he has identified all the cathode host structures for the lithium-ion batteries that have enabled the wireless revolution. He also developed the Goodenough-Kanamori rules for determining the sign of the magnetic superexchange in materials, identified the phenomenon of cooperative orbital order in solids, and showed that both static an dynamic charge-density waves are found at the crossover from localized to itinerant electronic behavior.

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