Yuan-Cheng B. Fung

University of California, San Diego

Election Year: 1992
Primary Section: 31, Engineering Sciences
Secondary Section: 29, Biophysics and Computational Biology
Membership Type: Member

Research Interests

Dr. Yuan-Cheng Fung's research interest lies in science, engineering and biology, especially biomechanics. He is interested in molecular biomechanics, i.e., the mechanics of individual biomolecules, mechanical interaction between molecules, the organization, structure and function of the molecules in cells and extracellular matrix. The molecular interaction at the interfaces between cells and extracellular matrix holds the key to the function of tissues. Tissue mechanics is important because tissues in our bodies are constantly subjected to stress and our tissues do change when the stress level is changed. For example, when our blood pressure rises the tensile stress in our arteries rises, and the arterial wall remodels by thickening. Dr. Fung works on the tissue remodeling due to stress changes. He has made many contributions to research on blood rheology, blood cells, blood vessels, the heart, the lung, and the skeletal, cardiac, and smooth muscle mechanics. He enjoys theoretical research associated with experimental studies. Consolidation of experimental results into a theory, and using theoretical predictions to suggest new experiments for validation are the most interesting games in town. Dr. Fung is a member of the US National Academy of Engineering (since 1979), a senior member of the US National Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Science (since 1991), a member of the US National Academy of Sciences (since 1992), a member of Academia Sinica (since 1966), and a foreign member of the Chinese Academy of Science of the People's Republic of China (since 1994).

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