David Baltimore

California Institute of Technology

Election Year: 1974
Primary Section: 44, Microbial Biology
Secondary Section: 43, Immunology and Inflammation
Membership Type: Member

Research Interests

David Baltimore has made key contributions to immunology, virology, cancer research, biotechnology and recombinant DNA research. From the beginning, Baltimore was interested in fundamental research approaches, often looking for biochemical aspects of infectious and responding processes. Baltimore has played an important role in the development of American biotechnology including the founding of Calimmune and Immune Design.    Before closing in 2019, Dr. Baltimore's lab at Caltech focused on the physiological and pathological functions of microRNAs and control of inflammatory and immune responses, specifically splicing control of gene expression after inflammatory stimuli. Baltimore continues to serve on the Board of Directors and Science Advisory Boards on several companies and non-profit institutions and is a public advocate for science and engineering.

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