Jan D. Achenbach

Northwestern University

Election Year: 1992
Primary Section: 31, Engineering Sciences
Membership Type: Member

Research Interests

Current research activities are in two fields: ultrasonic methods in quantitative non destructive evaluation and fracture mechanics. Has developed methods for materials evaluation and crack detection and characterization. For materials evaluation a line-focus acoustic microscope operating at 225 MHz is used to determine the elastic constants of thin-film/substrate configurations, for homogeneous but anisotropic thin films as well as for superlattice films. Ultrasonic scattering techniques are used to determine the location, size, shape and orientation of cracks in solids by the use of conventional ultrasonic techniques and non-contact methods such as laser-based ultrasonics. Experimental work is supplemented by the development of analytical and numerical measurement models. Work in fracture mechanics has been primarily on dynamic fracture. Has also carried out research on structural acoustics, earthquake mechanisms and on the mechanical behavior of composite materials under dynamic loading conditions.

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