Daniel H. Janzen

University of Pennsylvania

Primary Section: 63, Environmental Sciences and Ecology
Membership Type: Member (elected 1992)

Research Interests

I am a tropical ecologist who specializes on animal-plant interactions in Costa Rican tropical dry forest and on biodiversity development and management of large conserved tropical ecosystems. I work as a team with my wife, Winnie Hallwachs, likewise a tropical ecologist. Special research emphasis is given to Lepidoptera larvae (caterpillars), their food plants, and their parasitoids (parasites). This information is processed into user-friendly databases, images and web pages for the public domain available at. Special conservation emphasis is given to seeking ways for decentralized administration of the non-damaging use of large conserved wildlands by society. Examples are biodiversity prospecting, carbon sequestration, ecotourism, biodiversity services to agriculture, and direct field research.

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