Norman Myers

University of Oxford

Election Year: 1994
Primary Section: 63, Environmental Sciences and Ecology
Secondary Section: 64, Human Environmental Sciences
Membership Type: Foreign Associate

Research Interests

As an environmentalist, I specialize in being a generalist. My PhD at University of California, Berkeley, was grounded in systems ecology and resource economics, together with some population biology, demography, political science, and environmental law. My main research foci have ranged from forests, biodiversity, and future evolution, to population, poverty, consumption, and environmental security. I have recently completed a research project on "perverse" subsidies, i.e. subsidies that exert adverse impact on both the economy and the environment; the current biotic crisis (mass extinction of species and other forms of biodepletion) and what they could well do to the future course of evolution over the next several million years; conservation priorities, highlighting "hotspots" of biodiversity; the fast emergent problem of environmental refugees; and the phenomenon of people in developing and transition countries with sufficient affluence to qualify as middle classes, whose spending practices—notably in the way of heavily meat-based diets, large numbers of cars, and all manner of household appliances—entrain adverse environmental impacts; and the potential for "environmental surprises" ahead.

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