Daniel Kahneman

Princeton University

Primary Section: 52, Psychological and Cognitive Sciences
Membership Type:
Member (elected 2001)

Research Interests

In recent years I have done theoretical and empirical research on intuitive judgment, decision-making, various aspects of behavioral economics, applications of psychology to the study of legal institutions, and most intensively in the study of hedonic experience and well-being. Much of my earlier work was concerned with the characterization of the ways that human judgments and choices depart from the standard models of the rational agent, and with an attempt to understand the processes—notably the asymmetry in the treatment of gains and losses—that account for performance in these domains. More recently my focus has been on studies of "experienced utility," including the contrast between actual hedonic experience and what people remember of it. Extending these ideas to the field of well-being, I am now studying the distinction between affective experience and life satisfaction, hoping to understand the puzzles of adaptation to life circumstances and also to produce improved measures of quality of life that might be used for policy evaluation.

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