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Licai Deng

Chinese Academy of Sciences

Symposia Attended

  • 2001 Chinese-American Frontiers
  • 2002 Chinese-American Frontiers
  • 2003 Chinese-American Frontiers
  • 2007 Chinese-American Frontiers

Research Interests


Research Statement

I am working in the field of stellar evolution, this includes modeling the internal structure of stars and pulsational instabilities during the course of evolution, integrated properties of stellar populations. I am also interested in observational properties of stellar clusters and their individual members. Observations shown that the theoretical concept of the so called "Single Stellar Population" (SSP) is somewhat different than its counterpart in the real world, the stellar clusters of coeval stars. Observations of these objects has revealed that new physical process of stellar evolution and interaction between stars must be considered. A new generation of SSP models should be made, and that will be my future plan.
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