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Ninth Annual U.S. Symposium

November 6-8, 1997
Irvine, California


 Chemical Physics of Protein Folding

Organizer: Peter Wolynes, University of Illinois

Chair: Peter Wolynes, University of Illinois


Jose Onuchie, University of California, San Diego
Exploring the Energy Landscape of Protein Folding

Martin Gruebele, University of Virginia
Proteins: Efficient Folders

Charles Brooks, Scripps Research Institute
Exploring Protein Folding Free Energy Landscape at Atomic Resolution with Molecular Simulations

 Cretaceous-Tertiary (Dinosaur) Extinction

Organizer: Mary Lou Zoback, U.S. Geological Survey

Chair: Kevin Pope, Geo Eco Are Research
New Environmental and Biological Evidence For a Meteorite Impact Cause


Steven D'Hondt, University of Rhode Island
Environmental and Evolutionary Consequences of the Impact on Time Scales of Seconds to Millions of Years

Charles Marshall, University of California, Los Angeles
Overcoming an Incomplete Fossil Record to Assess the Magnitude and Rapidity of the End-Cretacious Extinctions

 Lifespan and Senescence

Organizer: Joanne Chory, The Salk Institute

Chair: Leonard P. Guarente, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Identification of a Molecular Cause of Aging


Richard Amasino, University of Wisconsin

Gary Ruvkun, Massachusetts General Hospital
Neuroendocrine Control of Metabolism and Longevity


Organizer: Nora Volkow, Brookhaven National Laboratory

Chair: Robert L. Whetten, Georgia Institute of Technology


Michael J. Natan, Pennsylvania State University
Architecture Using Nanoparticles

Paul Alivisatos, University of California, Berkeley
Nanocrystals: Building Blocks for Modern Materials Design

 New Developments in the Biology and Treatment of HIV

Organizer: Tyler Jacks, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Chair: Frederic Bushman, The Salk Institute


Ned Landau, Aaron Diamond Center
Genetic Resistance to AIDS: What Does it Tell Us?

 Prions and Prion Diseases

Organizer: Paul Wolynes, University of Illinois

Chair: David Westaway, University of Toronto


Glenn Telling, Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine at St. Mary's
Transgenic Mouse Models of Prion Diseases

Suzette Priola, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease
Prions and Prion Diseases

 Quantum Cryptography and Quantum Computing

Organizer: Steve Chu, Stanford University

Chair: Steve Chu, Stanford University


Chris Monroe, National Institute of Standards and Technology
Quantum Computing with Individual Atoms

Isaac Chuang, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Bulk Quantum Computation

Seth Lloyd, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Quantum Computers: What? Why? How?

Gilles Brassard, University of Montreal
Quantum Infromation Processing

 String Theory

Organizer: Jennifer Chayes, Princeton University

Chair: David Morrison, Duke University


Brian Greene, Columbia University
String Theory and the Fabric of Spacetime

Joseph Polchinski, University of California, Santa Barbara
"What is String Theory"?


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