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First Chinese-American Symposium

Chinese Academy of Sciences - U.S. National Academy of Sciences

August 28-30, 1998
Irvine, California


 Age of the Universe

Organizers: Anna-Louise Reysenbach and Ze Zhang

Chair: Longlong Feng, China University of Science and Technology


Wendy Freedman, Carnegie Observatories
Xiangping Wu, Beijing Astronomical Observatory

 Biometric Identification

Organizer: Tieniu Tan

Chairs: Weicheng Shen, Pacer Infotec Inc. and Tieniu Tan, National Laboratory of Pattern Recognition


Richard Wildes, Sarnoff Corporation
Wen Gao, Chinese Academy of Sciences

 Chemistry of the Origin of Life

Organizers: Anna-Louise Reysenbach and Yongbiao Xue

Chair: Anna-Louise Reysenbach, Rutgers University


Yu-fen Zhao, Tsihghua University
N-Phosphoamino Acids and Co-evolution of Nucleic Acid and Protein

 Crystal Growth

Organizers: Zhang Ze and Peter Wolynes

Chair: Ze Zhang, National Laboratory of Microstruture of Solid State


En-ge Wang, National Laboratory of Surface Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Attempt on Synthesis of Hard Materials

Zhenyu Zhang, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
What's Magic about Thin-Film Growth?

Discussant: Francisco Chavez, Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute

 El Niño

Organizers: Marcia McNutt and Chunli Bai

Chair: Huijun Wang, Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences


Julie Cole, University of Colorado
Long-Term Variability in El Niño and its Impacts

 Imaging the Functioning Human Brain

Organizers: Nora Volkow and Gang Pei

Chair: Xuchu Weng, Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Sciences


Yu-Shin Ding, Brookhaven National Laboratory
Biochemical Imaging of the Human Brain with Positron Emission Tomography

Bruce Rosen, Massachusetts General Hospital
Functional Imaging of the Human Brain with Magnetic Resonance Instruments

Discussant: Nora Volkow, Brookhaven National Laboratory

 Multifactorial Genetic Diseases

Organizers: Tian Xu and Yongbiao Xue

Chair: Richard Lifton, Yale Medical School
Genetics of Multifactorial Traits


Zhu Chen, Shanghai Second Medical University
Leukemia Pathogenesis and Targeting Therapy

Neil Risch, Stanford University

 Single Molecule Physics and Chemistry

Organizers: Chunli Bai and Peter Wolynes

Chair: Chunli Bai, Chinese Academy of Sciences


Chen Wang, Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Sunney Xie, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Probing Chemistry of Single Molecules


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