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11th Annual U.S. Symposium

November 11-13, 1999
Irvine, California



Organizer: Gary Ruvkun, Massachusetts General Hospital

Chair: Gary Ruvkun, Massachusetts General Hospital
The Taxonomy of Animal Developmental Control Genes Revealed
by the First Complete Animal Genome Sequence


Eugene Koonin, National Institutes of Health

Steven Friend, Rosetta Inpharmatics
Use of Gene Expression Profiling to Explore Chemical Space

 Snowball Earth

Organizer: Jean Lynch Stieglitz, Columbia University

Chair: Dan Schrag, Harvard University


David Evans, The University of Western Australia
A Proterozoic Paleoclimatic Paradox Persists

Doug Erwin, Smithsonian Institution
Evolutionary Implications of a Snowball Earth

 Random Matrices/Sphere Packing

Organizer: Mary Pugh, University of Pennsylvania

Chair: Mary Pugh, University of Pennsylvania


Peter Sarnak, Princeton University
Random Matrices

Tom Hales, University of Michigan
Sphere Packing

 Life in Extreme Environments: Hydrothermal Vents

Organizer: Nipam Patel, University of Chicago

Chair: Robert A. Zierenberg, University of California - Davis


Alissa J. Arp, San Francisco State University
Life in Hydrothermal Vents: Detoxification Strategies of Invertebrates Living with Sulfide

Mike Adams, The University of Georgia
Microbial Diversity Near 100°C in Marine Environments

 Einstein's Biggest Blunder

Organizers: Tereasa Brainerd, Boston University and Philip Phillips, University of Illinois

Chair: Lawrence Krauss, Case Western Reserve University
Life, the Universe, and Nothing: The Case for a Cosmological C stant


Saul Perlmutter, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory/University of California
Supernovae, Dark Energy, and the Accelerating Universe

Martin White, Harvard University
The Cosmic Rosetta Stone

 Combinatorial Chemistry in Materials and Catalysis

Organizer: John Hartwig, Yale University

Chair: John Hartwig, Yale University


Marc L. Snapper, Boston College
The Discovery of New Transformations Using Combinatorial Strategies

Peter Schultz, The Scripps Research Institute

 Cell Death/Polyglutamine Disease

Organizer: Edward Koo, University of California, San Diego

Chair: Henry Paulson, University of Iowa College of Medicine


Kevin Roth, Washington University School of Medicine
Molecular Regulation of Neuronal Cell Death

Nancy Bonini, University of Pennsylvania
Finding New Ways to Prevent Neurodegenerative Disease

 Does the Granular Matter?

Organizer: Philip Phillips, University of Illinois

Chair: Heinrich Jaeger, University of Chicago


Paul Umbanhowar, Northwestern University

Troy Shinbrot, Rutgers University
Reverse Buoyancy in Sand


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