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Third Japanese-American Symposium

Japan Science and Technology Corporation, Science and Technology Agency
U.S. National Academy of Sciences

September 22-24, 2000
Irvine, California


 Body Patterning

Organizers: Yoshiko Takahashi and Julie Theriot

Chair: Yoshiko Takahashi, Nara Institute of Science and Technology


Noriko Osumi, Tohoku University
Patterning the Brain

Nipam Patel, Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Body Patterning during Development

 Chaos/Stability of the Solar System

Organizers: Jack Lissauer and Shigeru Ida

Chair: Renu Malhotra, University of Arizona


Matthew Holman, Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory
The Long-Term Stability of the Solar System

Takashi Ito, National Astronomical Observatory
Dynamical Stability of Planetary Systems

 Global Biogeochemical Cycles

Organizers: Samantha Joye and Yukio Isozaki

Chair: Susan Trumbore, University of California, Irvine


Hodaka Kawahata, Geological Survey of Japan
Biological Activity and its Variation Affected by Cyclic Climatic Change in the Western Pacific Warm Pool

Carolyn Ruppel, Georgia Institute of Technology
Methane Hydrates and the Global Carbon Cycle

 Grand Unified Theory

Organizers: Doug Michaels and Yoshiteru Maeno

Chair: Mihoko Nojiri, Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics


Masahiro Yamaguchi, Tohoku University

Nima Arkani-Hamed, University of California, Berkeley

 Motility of Organisms

Organizers: Julie Theriot and Yoshiko Takahashi

Chair: Jonathon Howard, University of Washington


Enrique De La Cruz, University of Pennsylvania Medical School
Relating Chemistry to the Motility of a Molecular Motor

Yasushi Okada, University of Tokyo Medical School
KIF1A, an Essential Molecular Motor in Our Brain, is a Single-headed Maxwell's Demon

 Multiscale Computing

Organizers: Tom Mrowka and Mitsuhiro Shishikura

Chair: Mei Kobayashi, IBM Research


Wim Sweldens, Bell Labs
Digital Geometry Processing

Toshio Irino, NTT Communication Science Laboratories
"Stabilized Wavelet-Mellin transform" for Auditory Processing

 Self Organization of Chemical Systems

Organizers: Pat Vaccarro and Masahide Terazima

Chair: Jeffrey S. Moore, University of Illinois


Makoto Fujita, Nagoya University
Molecular Self-Assembly through Coordination

Angela M. Belcher, University of Texas at Austin

 Visual Processing

Organizers: Yoshiko Takahashi and Julie Theriot

Chair: Shinsuke Shimojo, California Institute of Technology


Ichiro Fujita, Osaka University
What the Two Eyes Tell You More Than One Eye Does

Michael Paradiso, Brown University
How the Brain Builds the World We Perceive


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