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Fourth Japanese-American Symposium

Japan Society for the Promotion of Science - U.S. National Academy of Sciences

October 10-12, 2001
Tokyo, Japan


 Asteroid Impact

Organizers: Eiichi Tajika and Susan Trumbore

Chair: Toshiko Takata, Miyagi University of Education


Seiji Sugita, University of Tokyo
A New Observational Method for Hypervelocity Impact Study: High-Speed Emission Spectroscopy

Mark Boslough, Sandia National Laboratories
Computational Simulations of Asteroid and Comet Impacts

 Bose-Einstein Condensation

Organizers: Yoshiteru Maeno and Kate Scholberg

Chair: Masahito Ueda, Tokyo Institute of Technology
An Introduction to Artificial Macroscopic Quantum Matter: Laser-Cooled Bose-Einstein Condensation


Lithium-6 and Lithium-7: A Tale of Non-Identical Twins
Randall G. Hulet, Rice University

“Passive” and “Active” Optical Elements for Matter Waves
Mikio Kozuma, University of Tokyo


Organizers: Pat Vaccaro and Masahide Terazima

Chair: Jay S. Siegel, University of California, San Diego

Eiji Yashima, Nagoya University
Helical Chirality of Macromolecules

Bart E. Kahr, University of WashingtonOptical Rotatory Power of Crystals

 Death and Destruction

Organizers: Julie Theriot and Noriko Osumi

Chair: Randy Hampton, University of California, San Diego


Cecile M. Pickart, Johns Hopkins University
A Protein Machine for Intracellular Protein Destruction

Akira Kakizuka, Kyoto University
Molecular Analysis of Polyglutamine Diseases

 Imaging the Human Mind

Organizers: Michael A. Paradiso and Noriko Osumi

Chair: Anthony Wagner, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Transforming Experience Into Memory: Imaging Insights Into How The Brain Builds Memories


Hiroshi Imamizu, Japan Science and Technology Corporation
Human Cerebellar Activity Reflecting an Acquired Internal Model of a Novel Tool

Russell A. Poldrack, Harvard Medical School

 Nontraditional Computing

Organizers: Wim Sweldens and Toshitake Kohno

Chair: Hiroshi Imai, University of Tokyo


Tetsuro Nishino, The University of Electro-Communications
A Mathematical Theory of Quantum Neural Networks

Christopher Alan Fuchs, Lucent Technologies

 Prion Diseases

Organizers: Tetsuro Kokubo and Julie Theriot

Chair: David A. Harris, Washington University School of Medicine
Prion Diseases: Biological and Medical Implications


Kiyotoshi Kaneko, National Center for Neurology and Psychiatry
Attempts to Identifying New Players In Prion Replication and Its Therapeutic Applications

Byron Caughey, National Institutes of Health, NIAID
The Corruption of Prion Proteins and Neurodegenerative Disease

 The Sun

Organizers: Shigeru Ida and Matthew Holman

Chair: Takaaki Yokoyama, National Astronomical Observatory
Our Active Star, The Sun


Jesper Schou, Stanford University
Studying the Sun with Sound Waves

Toshifumi Shimizu, National Astronomical Observatory
The Solar Corona


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