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Fifth Chinese-American Symposium

Chinese Academy of Sciences - U.S. National Academy of Sciences

October 11-13, 2002
Irvine, California


 Applied Genomics/Bioinformatics/Mathematical Tools for Complex Systems

Organizers: James Holden and Liang Pei-Ji

Chair: Joseph Ng, University of Alabama


Yixue Li, Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences

Joseph Ng, University of Alabama

 Cell Signaling

Organizers: He Shigang and Yixian Zheng

Chair: Yi Rao, Washington University School of Medicine


Xiaoxia Li, Lerner Research Institute

Jian-guo Geng, Shanghai Institutes of Biological Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences

 Chemical Sensing

Organizers: Doug Gin and Zhang Xi

Chair: Eric Ansyln, University of Texas


Nathaniel Finney, University of California, San Diego

Daiwen Pang, Wuhan University

 Galaxy Evolution

Organizers: Ralph Wijers and Deng Licai

Chair: Ken Lanzetta, State University of New York


Yipeng Jing, Shanghai Astronomical Observatory

Hsiao-Wen Chen, Carnegie Observatories

 Gas Hydrates

Organizers: Zhou Huai-Yang and James Holden

Chair: Peter Girguis, Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute

Speakers: Song Haibin, Institute of Geology and Geophysics, CAS

Peter Girguis, Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute

 Neurodegenerative Disease

Organizers: He Shigang and Alexandre Pouget

Chair: Khalid Iqbal, NYS Institute for Basic Research


Mark Smith, Case Western Reserve University

Jian-zhi Wang, Tongi Medical University

 Number Theory

Organizers: Ken Ono and Chen Zhiming

Chair: Ken Ono, University of Wisconsin


Jordan Ellenberg, Princeton University

Hongze Li, Shanghai Jiatong University

 String Theory

Organizers: Shamit Kachru and Ou Yang Qi

Chair: Hirosi Ooguri, California Institute of Technology


Petr Horova, University of California, Berkeley

Miao Li, Institute of Theoretical Physics, CAS

The Chinese-American Frontiers of Science symposium series is sponsored by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the U.S. National Academy of Sciences, and supported, in part, with funding from the Beckman Foundation and the Agouron Institute.

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