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14th Annual U.S. Symposium

November 14-16, 2002
Irvine, California


 Rapid Climate Change

Organizer: Michael Mann

Chair: Gavin Schmidt, NASA-Goddard Institute for Space Studies
Modeling Rapid Climate Change


Julian Sachs, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
The Record of Abrupt Climate Change in Ocean Sediments

Edward Brook, Washington State University
What Happened and When? The Ice Core Record of Rapid Climate Change

 Mathematical Models of Language, Learning, and Evolution

Organizer: Michael Weinstein

Chair: Partha Niyogi, University of Chicago


Martin Nowak, Institute for Advanced Study

Edward J. Briscoe, Cambridge University
The Interaction of Language Learning and Evolution

 DNA Dynamics

Organizer: Claudia Turro

Chair: Bern Kohler, Ohio State University


Mark Berg, University of South Carolina
Dynamics in DNA on the Molecular Length Scale and the Picosecond and Nanosecond Time Scales

Sarah Woodson, Johns Hopkins University
Folding and Dynamics of Large Ribozymes

 Dark Matter Detection

Organizer: Lyman Page

Chair: Marc Kamionkowski, California Institute of Technology


Julianne Dalcanton, University of Washington
Hunting for Dark Matter: Tracking the Invisible

Daniel Akerib, Case Western Reserve University
Dark Matter Relics from the Big Bang: Looking for WIMPs in the Galactic Halo

 Network Biophysics

Organizer: Stephen Quake

Chair: Stephen Quake, California Institute of Technology


Michael Elowitz, Rockefeller University
A Synthetic Approach to Gene Regulation Networks

Francis J. Doyle III, University of California, Santa Barbara
A Systems Approach to Modeling and Analyzing Biological Systems

 Of Microbes and Men

Organizers: David Relman and Gail Pairitz Jarvik

Chair: Robert Hershberg, University of Washington
Living Large in a Microbial World


Jo Handelsman, University of Wisconsin
The Gypsy Moth and the Bacteria: A Gut-Wrenching Story

Lora Hooper, Washington University School of Medicine
How Normal Bacteria Shape Our Biology: In Vivo Veritas

 Common Disease Genomics: Linkage and Association

Organizer: Gail Pairitz Jarvik

Chair: Marcy Speer, Duke University
Linkage Studies to Identify Genes in Complex Disease:
The Genetic Basis of Spina Bifida and Other Neural Tube Defects


Gail Pairitz Jarvik, University of Washington Medical Center

Nicholas Schork, University of California, San Diego
Statistical Methods for Haplotype Analysis Involving Human Diseases: Theory and Applications

 Spatial Hearing

Organizer: Barbara Shinn-Cunningham

Chair: Beverly Wright, Northwestern University
Listening in the Dark: Improving Discrimination of Sound Source Location with Practice…and Sleep


Andrew King, University of Oxford
Learning to Localize with Old and New Ears: Neural Mechanisms of Plasticity

Barbara Shinn-Cunningham, Boston University
Learning to Localize in a Chaotic World: Improving with Practice in Echoic Rooms


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