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Sixth Chinese-American Symposium

Chinese Academy of Sciences - U.S. National Academy of Sciences

October 10-12, 2003
Shanghai, China


 Brain Cell Transplantation

Organizers: Khalid Iqbal and Chen Biao

Chair: Clive Svendsen, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Towards Stem Cell Therapy for Neurological Disorders


Ping Wu, University of Texas Medical Branch
Region-Specific Generation of Cholinergic Neurons from Fetal Human Neural Stem Cells Grafted in Adult Rat

Piu Chan, Xuanwu Hospital of Capital University of Medical Sciences
Brain Cell Transplantation in Parkinson's Disease

 Cosmological Model

Organizers: Ken Lanzetta and Lou Yuqing

Chair: Lou Yu-qing, Tsinghua University


Jing Yipeng, Shanghai University
Structure Formation in the Universe

 Genome Plasticity

Organizers: James Holden and Chen Biao

Chair: Suzanne Rutherford, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Hsp90 as a Capacitor for Morphological Evolution


Susan M. Rosenberg, Baylor College of Medicine

 Origin of Animal Life

Organizers: Yixian Zheng and Su Xin

Co-Chairs: Eric Gaidos, University of Hawaii and Su Degan, North West University


James Hagadorn, Amherst College
The Cambrian Substrate Revolution

Zhu Maoyan, Nanjing Institute of Geology and Palaeontology

 Single Molecule Detection

Organizers: Shao Yuanhua and Nathaniel Finney

Chair: Fang Xiaohong, Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences


Robert Dickson, Georgia Institute of Technology

Fang Xiaohong, Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences

 Solid State Quantum Computing

Organizers: Xingao Gong and Scott Ahlgren

Chair: C. P. Sun, Institute of Theoretical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences


Isaac Chuang, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

J. Q. You, The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research (RIKEN)
Superconducting Quantum Machines: From Quantum Bits to Quantum Computers

 Stem Cells

Organizers: Chen Biao and Khalid Iqbal

Chair: Linzhao Cheng, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Human Embryonic and Postnatal Stem Cells: Self-Renewal and Hematopoietic Differentiation


Alex Zhang, Beijing Institute of Geriatrics, Xuanwu Hospital
Pancreatic Stem Cells

Theo Palmer, Stanford University
Neural Stem Cells and Regeneration in the Central Nervous System

 String Theory

Organizers: Scott Ahlgren and Li Jiayu

Chair: Lu Jianxin, North West University of China


Li Miao, National Taiwan University


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