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Indo-U.S. Symposium

Indo-U.S.  Science and Technology Forum – U.S. National Academy of Sciences

January 9-11, 2005
Bangalore, India


 Attention: Ignoring the World Around You

Organizers: Shubha Tole and Barbara Shinn-Cunningham

Attention: Ignoring the World Around You
Anthony Zador, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Executive Control of Action
Aditya Murthy, National Brain Research Centre

Dual Nature of Visual Attention
Giedrius T. Buracas, Salk Institute for Biological Studies

 Biotechnology Applications to Improving Food

Organizers: Gail Jarvik and Nikhil Tandon

Genetic Regulation of Flowering: Laboratory Models to Crop Plants
Usha VijayRaghavan, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

Designer Crops for Better Human Nutrition and Higher Productivity using Nutritional and Stress Genomics Approaches
Shubra Chakraborty, National Centre for Plant Genome Research

Daphne Preuss, Howard Hughes Center, University of Chicago

 Body Weight Regulation

Organizers: Gail Jarvik and Nikhil Tandon

Body Weight and Regulation
David E. Cummings, University of Washington, Seattle

The Adiopstat: Neural Sensing of Energy Status
Michael Cowley, Oregon National Primate Research Center

.R. Chandak, Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology

 Dynamics of Complex Systems

Organizers: Eberhard Bodenschatz and Srikanth Sastry

Complex Adaptive Systems: An Overview
Sanjay Jain, Delhi University

Computational Challenges in Systems Biology: Modelling Memory
Upinder Bhalla, National Centre for Biological Sciences, Bangalore

gor Efimov, Case Western Reserve University

 Galaxy Formation

Organizers: Chris Reynolds and Sanjay Mittal

Galaxy Formation
Miguel Morales, MIT Center for Space Research

Galaxy Formation and Evolution: The Radio Perspective
Jayaram Chengalur, National Centre for Radio Astrophysics

Probing Cosmolgical Structure Formation Using Redshifted 21cm HI Radiation
Somnath Bharadwaj, Indian Institute of Technology

 Nanostructured Materials/Semiconductors

Organizers: Nat Finney and Shrikanth Joshi

Bioinspired Nanomaterials Synthesis
Murali Sastry, National Chemical Laboratory, Pune

Semiconductor Nanostructures: Quantum Wells, Wires and Dots
Arnab Bhattacharya, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research

Diana Huffaker, University of New Mexico

 Ordered Protein Aggregation

Organizers: Nat Finney and Uday Maitra

Ordered Protein Aggregation: Background, Issues and a Few Comments about Model Systems
James Nowick, University of California, Irvine

Protein "Malfolding" and Ordered Aggregation
Sudipta Maiti, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research

Sandip Verma, Indian Institute of Technology

 Single Molecule Biophysics

Organizers: Eberhard Bodenschatz and Satyajit Mayor

Single Molecule Biophysics
Satyajit Mayor, National Centre for Biological Sciences, Bangalore

Single Molecule Biophysics of Nucleosome Dynamics and Gene Regulation
G. V. Shivashankar, National Centre for Biological Sciences, Bangalore

Eberhard Bodenschatz, Cornell University


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