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13th German-American Symposium

Alexander von Humboldt-Stiftung – U.S. National Academy of Sciences

May 31-June 2, 2007
Irvine, California


 Martian Geology

Organizers: Charles Keeton, Carrine Blank and Rainer Haag

Introductory Speaker:
Martian Geology
Victoria E. Hamilton, University of Hawai'i

The Watery Past of Mars
Jim Bell, Cornell University

Evidence for recent climate change on Mars as seen in High Resolution Stereo Camera (HRSC) images
Ernst Hauber, DLR-Institut fuer Planetenforschung

 Talking with your Bugs

Organizers: Todd Klaenhammer and Annette Peters

Introductory Speaker:
Microbial genomics: From single species to whole environments
Karen E. Nelson, The Institute for Genomic Research

Microbe-host interactions in the development of degenerative chronic diseases in Western societies
Dirk Haller, Technische Universitat Munchen

Too Much of a Good Thing: Microbes and Obesity
Ruth Ley Washington, University School of Medicine

 Physics of Socio-Economic Systems

Organizers: Stefan Bornholdt and Lada Adamic

Introductory Speaker:
Introduction to Physics of Socio-Economic Systems
Thomas Lux, University of Kiel

From Collective Intelligence to Crowd Disasters: Spontaneous Emergence and Breakdown of Social Order
Dirk Helbing, Dresden University of Technology

Fat-Tails and the Physics of Financial Markets
Lisa Borland, Evnine & Associates, Inc.

 Regenerative Medicine

Organizers: Rüdiger Blaschke and Daniel Tracey

Introductory Speaker:
Regenerative Medicine
Johannes Schwarz, University of Leipzig

Turning Embryonic Cells into Adult Cells and All the Way Back Again
Konrad Hochedlinger, Massachusetts General Hospital

Directions for Regenerative Medicine in the Adult
Laura Niklason, Yale University

 Bio-Inspired Materials

Organizers: Patricia Clark and Regine von Klitzing

Introductory Speaker:
Bio-inspired materials
Thomas Scheibel, Technische Universitat Munchen

Form Follows Function: Bioinspired innovative materials and systems
Karin Jacobs, Universitat des Saarlandes

Protein-aided nanofabrication: merging biology and nanotechnology
Francois Baneyx, University of Washington

 Human Dispersal

Organizers: Antje Schwalb and Charles Delwiche

Introductory Speaker:
Human Dispersal
Christine Hertler, University of Franfurt

First migration of modern humans out of Africa: The fossil evidence
Katerina Harvati, Max-Planck-Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, Leipzig

Genetic Insights into Prehistoric Human Dispersal
Joanna Mountain, Stanford University

 Evolutionary Game Theory

Organizers: Stefan Bornholdt and John Logsdon

Introductory Speaker:
Evolutionary Game Theory
Christoph Hauert, Harvard University

Playing with sounds. How evolutionary game theory helps to explain features of natural languages
Gerhard Jager, University of Bielefeld

Information and Evolution
Michael Lachmann, Max-Planck-Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, Leipzig

 Mate Choice 

Organizers: Nirao Shah, Ilse Storch and Ludwig Aigner

Introductory Speaker:
Mate Choice: Introduction
Molly Cummings, University of Texas, Austin

Mechanisms of Pheromone-Mediated Social Behavior
Lisa Stowers, The Scripps Research Institute

Mechanisms Influencing Female Mate Choice: from the Peripheral to the Central Nervous System
Molly Cummings, University of Texas, Austin


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