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 22nd Annual U.S. Symposium

November 4-6, 2010
Irvine, California


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Artificial Photosynthesis

Organizers: Mu-Hyun Baik, Indiana University and Chris Reddy, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Artificial Photosynthesis
Alan Heyduk, University of California, Irvine

Essential Catalysis for Sustainable Fuels
Matthew Kanan, Stanford University

Some Ins and Outs of Artificial Photosynthesis
Matt Law, University of California, Irvine


Decision Making Under Uncertainty

Organizer: Anna Lysyanskaya, Brown University

Certain Decisions in an Uncertain World
Sham Kakade, University of Pennsylvania

Optimizing Sensing for Decision Making
Andreas Krause, California Institute of Technology
Learning in Social Networks by Rational Agents
Ilan Lobel, New York University


Detection and Mitigation of Impact Hazards

Organizer: Vikki Meadows, University of Washington

How to Prevent Collisions of Asteroids with the Earth
Steve Chesley, Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL)

Near Earth Objects Impact Mitigation
Julie Bellerose, Carnegie Mellon University
Searching for Asteroids
Speaker: Joseph Scott Stuart, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


The Human Microbiome Project

Organizer: Felicia Goodrum, University of Arizona

Spatial and Temporal Variability in the Human Microbiome
Robert Knight, University of Colorado

Functional Analysis of Gut Microbial Ecology Using the Zebrafish Model System
John Rawls, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Viral Discovery in the Age of Metagenomics: Exploring Infections, Environmental Reservoirs, and Transmission Mechanisms
Mya Breitbart, University of South Florida


Imaging the Nanoworld with X-rays

Organizer: N. Peter Armitage, Johns Hopkins University

Coherent Diffraction Microscopy and Its Applications in Nanoscience and Biology
John Miao, University of California, Los Angeles

A Revolution in Biological Imaging: Surpassing X-Ray Crystallography
Stefan Hau-Riege, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Holographic Imaging of the Nanoworld with X-Ray Lasers
William Schlotter, Stanford Linear Accelerator National Laboratory


Ocean Acidification

Organizer: Chris Reddy, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute

Ocean Acidification
Curtis Deutsch, University of California, Los Angeles

The Effects of Ocean Acidification on the Physiology of Marine Organisms
Brian Hopkinson, University of Georgia
Ocean Acidification: An Environmental Externality is Coming Home to Roost
Sarah Cooley, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution


Synthetic Biology

Organizer: Erin Adams, University of Chicago

Synthetic Biology
Orion Weiner, University of California, San Francisco

Synthetic Biology: Design Principles for Genetic Circuits
Michael Elowitz, California Institute of Technology
Using Biology for Chemistry’s Sake
Kristala Jones-Prather, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


(Neural) Stem Cells

Organizer: Richard De La Garza, Baylor College of Medicine

Neural Stem Cells
Amelia J. Eisch, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

The Neurogenic Hypothesis of Depression
Maura Boldrini, Columbia University
Making New Neurons in the Adult Brain: Lessons from the Chromatin
Daniel A. Lim, University of California, San Francisco

The Kavli Frontiers of Science symposium is sponsored by the National Academy of Sciences. Major support is provided by the Kavli Foundation, with additional funding from the National Academy of Sciences.


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