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Inaugural U.S. Symposium  

March 2-4, 1989
Irvine, California

Frank Press, President, National Academy of Sciences

Introductory Remarks
Roy Schwitters


 Complex Systems

Organizers: Corey Goodman and William Schopf


Stephen H. Schneider
Hierarchical Approach to Climate Theory and Forecasting

Michael MacCracken
Time-Dependent Climate Projections with Regional Resolution

Vaughn Jones
Knot Theory and Statistical Mechanics

Paul Adams
Ion Channels: Membrane Molecules Underlying Electrical Activity of the Brain

Leonard Kaczmarek
Prolonged Changes in the Activity of Neurons


Organizers: Chris Quigg and Robert Kirshner


Michael Witherill
The Standard Model of Elementary Particle Physics

Orlando Alvarez
String Theory: Towards a Unified Description of the Fundamental Forces of Nature

Frank Wilczek
Gauge Fields in Unusual Places

Bernard Sadoulet
Dark Matter: An Example of the Dialogue Between Particle Physics and Cosmology

Margaret Geller
Large-Scale Structure in the Universe

Stanford Woosley
SN 1987a

 Material Matters

Organizer: Mark Wrighton


Frank DiSalvo
The Synthesis of Solids with Unusual Structures: A Route to the Discovery of New Chemical Phenomena

Sylvia Ceyer
Sticky Collisions with a Solid: Splats and Hammers

Shirley Chiang
Imaging Molecules on Surfaces by Scanning Tunneling Microscopy

David Nelson
Physics of Polymerized Membranes

Robert Cava
Superconductivity at High Temperatures in Metal Oxides: Progress and Prospects

Dana Anderson
Adaptive Processing with Non-Linear Optics

 Molecular Transformations

Organizer: Jacqueline Barton


Clark Still
Designing Molecules

Ahmed Zewail
Femtosecond Laser Clocking of the Chemical Bond

Peter Wolynes
Fundamental Problems in Reaction Dynamics in Complex Systems

Greg Petsko
Chemical Catalysis: The Central Theme of the Central Science

Peter Schultz
New Strategies for the Design of Biological Catalysts

Tom Cech
RNA as a Enzyme

 Patterns For Life

Organizer: Charles Cantor


Francis Collins
Mapping and Sequencing the Human Genome: Relevance to an Understanding of Human Disease

Eric Lander
Unraveling Human Heredity

Peter Dervan
Sequence-specific Recognition of DNA

Gary Struhl
Spatial Determinants of Body Pattern

Douglas Melton
Molecular Approaches to Studying Vertebrate Development

Scott Fraser
Positional Cues in the Formation of the Vertebrate Nervous System


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