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Fifth Annual U.S. Symposium

Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy

November 4-6, 1993
Irvine, California


Astrophysics: The Universe at Radio and Infrared Wavelengths

Organizer: Shrinivas Kulkarni, California Institute of Technology


Charles I. Bennett, NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center
The Microwave Sky As Seen By the Cosmic Background Explorer (COBE)

Andrew E. Lange, University of California, Berkeley
Measuring Absolute Velocity

Biology: The Human Genome

Organizer: Gerald Rubin, University of California, Berkeley


David Page, Howard Hughes Medical Institute and the Whitehead Institute
The Human Genome Project and the Secret of Life

Jasper Rine, University of California, Berkeley & Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
The Dog Genome Initiative: Towards A Genetics of Body and Mind

Chemistry: Chemical Reaction Dynamics

Organizers: Nathan Lewis, California Institute of Technology and Sylvia Ceyer, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Gilbert M. Nathanson, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Bouncing Gases Off Liquids

James J. Valentini, Columbia University
The World Beyond Arrhenius

Discussion Leader:

Steven Sibener, University of Chicago

Mathematics: Groups and Quantum Groups

Organizer: Vaughan Jones, University of California, Berkeley


John Conway, Princeton University
Elementary Geometry and Quantum Logic

Adrian Ocneanu, Pennsylvania State University
Quantum Groups

Neuroscience: Is Homosexuality Biological?

Organizer: Geraldine Richmond, University of Oregon


Dean Hamer, National Cancer Institute
Molecular Genetics of Sexual Orientation

Michael Bailey, Northwestern University
Population Genetics of Human Sexual Orientation

Discussion Leader:

Laura Allen, University of California School of Medicine

Neuroscience: Neurological Bases of Learning and Memory

Organizer: Geraldine Richmond, University of Oregon


Scott Fraser, California Institute of Technology
Probing Brain Development

Sue McConnell, Stanford University
Plasticity and Commitment in Brain Development

Discussion Leader:

Marianne Bronner-Fraser, University of California, Irvine

Oceanography: Paleoceanography Milankovitch and Beyond

Organizer: Marcia McNutt, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Maureen Raymo, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Scott Lehman, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Edouard Bard, Universite de Marseille

Physics: Baryogenesis or Why the Universe is Matter and Not Anti-Matter

Organizer: Jim Siegrist, Superconducting Super Collider Laboratory


Michael Mattis, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Baryon Number Violation via Quantum Tunneling: How (Otherwise) Intelligent Theoretical Physicists Can Differ by 180 Orders of Magnitude

Ann Nelson, University of California, San Diego
Baryogenesis The Origin of Matter


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