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Sixth Annual U.S. Symposium

Supported by the U.S. Department of Energy

November 3-5, 1994
Irvine, California


Biology and Engineering: Animal Locomotion and Robot Design

Organizer: Deborah Penry


Robert Full, University of California, Berkeley
Diversity Enables Discovery: Lessons from Legged Locomotion

Marc Raibert, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Dynamic Legged Robots

Discussion Leader:

Mimi Koehl, University of California, Berkeley

Biology and Paleontology: The Cambrian Explosion in Biological Diversification

Session One: Rates and Directions of Cambrian Evolution

Organizer: Marcia McNutt


Simon Conway Morris, Cambridge University
Understanding the Cambrian Explosion

Andrew Knoll, Harvard University
The Context of Early Animal Evolution

Discussion Leaders:

John Grotzinger, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Sam Bowring, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Session Two: Biological Mechanisms and Consequences of the Cambrian Explosion

Organizer: Deborah Penry


Douglas Erwin, National Museum of Natural History/Smithsonian Institution
The Origin of Ecological and Developmental Space During the Cambrian Radiation

Charles Marshall, University of California, Los Angeles
Using Molecular Data to Understand Inter-Phylum Relationships and the Morphological Transformations that Led to the Origin of the Phyla

Chemistry: Solid State Chemistry – Turning Down the Heat

Organizer: Geri Richmond


David Johnson, University of Oregon
Controlling Kinetics and Mechanisms of Solid State Reactions by Design of Superlattice Reactants

Thomas Mallouk, Pennsylvania State University
A Modular Approach to New Solid and Surfaces

Discussion Leader:

Mercouri Kanatzidis, Michigan State University

Mathematics: Non-linear Inverse Problems

Organizer: Ingrid Daubechies


Joyce McLaughlin, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Finding Properties of Vibrating Systems from Nodes and/or Nodal Lines

Michael Vogelius, Rutgers University
Electrical Impedance Tomography

Physics: Electronics with a Single Electron

Organizer: John Price


Michel Devoret, CEA-Saclay (France)
Transfer of Single Electrons in Metallic Nanostructures

John Martinis, National Institute of Standards and Technology
Is Digital Logic on a Nanometer Scale Possible?

Physics and Materials Science: Optical Microscopy: Technological Advances and Future Potential

Organizer: Tim Harris


Chris Jacobsen, State University of New York, Stony Brook
Soft X-ray Microscopy: Technology and Applications

Jay Trautman, AT&T Bell Laboratories
Seeing Single Molecules

Sociology and Demography: How Long Will We Live

Organizers: Beth Solodo and Barbara Torrey


James Curtsinger, University of Minnesota
The Experimental Demography of Genotypes and Genes: Findings on Longevity and Aging

James Vaupel, Duke University/Odense (Denmark) University Medical School
Beyond Gompertz and Buffon: Trajectories of Mortality at Advanced Ages

Discussion Leaders:

Jay Olshansky, University of Chicago

John Wilmoth, University of California, Berkeley


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