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Developmental Biology of Transcription Control

Organized by Roy Britten, Eric Davidson, and Gary Felsenfeld

October 26-28, 1995
Irvine, CA

Session One: Spatial Control of Transcription in Embryos
Michael Levine, Moderator

Modes of Transcriptional Repression in the Drosophila Embryo
Michael Levine

Regulation of Brachyury Gene Expression in Xenopus
J.C. Smith

Transcriptional Regulatory Domains and Genes Controlling Plant Embryos
Robert B. Goldberg

Spatial Control of Gene Expression in Ascidian Embryos
Noriyuki Satoh

Spatial Control of Gene Expression in Sea Urchin Embryos
Eric H. Davidson

Session Two: Signaling and Specification of Cell Type
Mariann Bienz, Chair

Signaling and Homeotic Gene Control in the Drosophila Midgut
Mariann Bienz

Cell Type Specification during C. elegans Vulval Development
Paul W. Sternberg

Xenopus Mesoderm: Mechanisms of Formation and Differentiation
John B. Gurdon

In Vivo Imaging of Cell Interaction and Cell Type Specification in Zebra Fish
Scott E. Fraser

Cell Specification in Morphogenesis of the Eye in Drosophila
Gerald Rubin

Retrospective on the Development of Developmental Genetics
Edward B. Lewis

Friday, October 27

Session Three: Gene Expression and Spatial Organization of Morphogenesis
Robb Krumlauf, Chair

Conservation in the Regulatory Cascade Controlling Hox Genes in Hindbrain Segmentation
Robb Krumlauf

Sonic Hedgehog and the Establishment of Embryonic Pattern
Cliff Tabin

Regulation and Evolution of Insect Wing Number, Formation, and Pattern
Sean B. Carroll

Cell-cell Interaction and the Transcriptional Regulation of Cell Fate in Drosophila PNS Development
James W. Posakony

Origin, Lineage, and Diversification of the Neural Crest
Marianne Bronner-Fraser

Session Four: Transcription Factor Interactions in Control of Differentially expressed Genes
Tom Maniatis, Chair

Activation and Repression of a Multicomponent Transcription Enhancer Complex
Tom Maniatis

Molecular Mechanisms of Cell-Type Specific Gene Repression in Yeast
Alexander D. Johnson

Interactions of the Glucocorticoid Receptor with Other Transcription Factors
Keith Yamamoto

Development and Signal-Dependent Regulation of Interleukin-2 Gene Expression
Ellen Rothenberg

Genetic Control of Myogenesis
Eric Olson

Saturday, October 28

Session Five: Insertion Elements, Organization of Gene Families, and Gene Expression
Roy J. Britten, Chair

Mobile Elements in Animal Genomes: Their Function in Gene Regulation
Roy J. Britten

Drosophila Retrotransposons: Mechanisms of Mutagenesis and Mobilization
Victor Corces

Transposable Elements and the Evolution of Gene Expression
Susan Wessler

Vertebrate T Cell Receptor Loci: Organization, Evolution, and Serendipity
Leroy E. Hood

Genomic Organization and Expression of Smell Receptor Genes
Richard Axel

Session Six: Chromatin Organization and Gene Expression
Gary Felsenfeld, Chair

Globin Gene Organization and Regulation
Gary Felsenfeld

Sex and Death in C. elegans
Barbara Meyer

Control of Lymphocyte Gene Expression and Factor Access in Chromatin
Rudolf Grosschedl

Phenotypic Variegation: The Dynamic Role of the Chromosome in Gene Regulation
Daniel Gottschling

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