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Geology, Mineralogy, and Human Welfare

Organized by Joseph Smith, Malcolm Ross, and Peter Buseck

November 8-9, 1998
Irvine, CA

Sponsored by the National Academy of Sciences

Sunday, November 8
J. V. Smith, Conference logistics & science

Agricultural Mineralogy/Soils, Surfaces

Surface geochemistry of the clay minerals
Garrison Sposito, University of California, Berkeley

Characterization of complex mineral assemblages: implications for contaminant transport and environmental remediation
Paul M. Bertsch, University of Georgia/SREL

Contaminant bioavailability in soils, sediments and aquatic environments
Samuel J. Traina, Stanford University

Mineral surfaces and bioavailability of heavy metals: A molecular-scale perspective
Gordon E. Brown, Jr., Stanford University

Aerosols and Climate

Long-range transport of mineral dust in the global atmosphere: Impact of African dust on the environment of the southeastern United States
Joseph M. Prospero, University of Miami RSMAS

Airborne minerals and related aerosol particles: Effects on climate and the environment
Peter R. Buseck, Arizona State University

Oceans and Biomineralogy

Oceanic minerals and rocks, their origin, occurrence, and economic significance
Miriam Kastner, Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Potential effects of gas hydrates on human welfare
Keith A. Kvenvolden, U.S. Geological Survey

Biological impact on mineral issolution application of the lichen model to understanding mineral weathering in rhizosphere
Jillian F. Banfield, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Monday, November 9
J. V. Smith: conference logistics & science

Radwaste, Mining, and Environmental Issues

Nuclear waste forms of actinides
Rodney C. Ewing, University of Michigan

The health impacts of domestic coal use in China
Robert B. Finkelman, U.S. Geological Survey

A risk assessment for exposure to grunerite asbestos (amosite) in an iron ore mine
Robert P. Nolan, City University of New York

Negative pH, efflorescent mineralogy, and consequences for environmental restoration at the Iron Mountain Superfund site, California
D. Kirk Nordstrom, U.S. Geological Survey

Pure and Applied Mineralogy

Illite and hydrocarbon exploration
David R. Pevear, Exxon Production Research Co.

Manganese oxide minerals: crystal structures & economic and environmental significance
Jeffrey E. Post, Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of Natural History

Synthetic zeolites and other microporous oxide molecular sieves
John D. Sherman, UOP Research Center

Natural zeolites - la rocca magica?
Frederick A. Mumpton, SUNY College

Biochemical evolution: II. Polymerization on organophilic silica-rich surfaces; crystal-chemical modeling; formation of first cells; geological clues
J.V. Smith, University of Chicago

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