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Images of Science: Science of Images

Organized by Albert Crewe

January 13-14, 1992
Washington, DC

January 13

Introduction and Overview

Frank Press, President, NAS, Welcome Address

Albert V. Crewe, University of Chicago, Charge to the Colloquium

Robert N. Beck, University of Chicago, Overview of Imaging Science

Session One - Image Acquisition
Robert Rosner, University of Chicago, Chair

Charge-coupled Detector Sky Surveys
Donald Schneider, Institute for Advanced Studies

Pattern Recognition at the Ferilab and SSC Colliders
Henry J. Frisch, University of Chicago

Quantitative Microscopic Elemental Imaging
Peter Ingram, Research Triangle Institute

The Uniqueness of Magnetic Resonance Zeugmatographic Imaging
Paul C. Lauterbur, University of Illinois, C/U

Session Two - Image Processing and Analysis
Chin-Tu Chen, University of Chicago, Chair

Objective Assessment of Image Quality
Harrison H. Barrett, University of Arizona

Image Processing: Some Challenging Problems
Thomas Huang, University of Illinois, C/U

Source and Channel Coding for HDTV
William F. Schreiber, MIT

Imaging with a National Metacomputer
Larry L. Smarr, University of Illinois, C/U

Edward C. Stone, Dir., Jet Propulsion Laboratory, After-dinner address

Tuesday, January 14

Session Three - Human Perception of Images
Steven K. Shevell, University of Chicago, Chair

Spatial Sampling in Human Vision
David R. Williams, University of Rochester

Color Perception and Color Technology
Brian Wandell, Stanford University

Mechanisms of Visual Pattern Discrimination
Hugh R. Wilson, University of Chicago

Visual Attention and Surface Representation
Ken Nakayama, Harvard University

Gerald Westheimer, University of California, Berkeley, Panal Discussant

Session Four - Machine-Image Interaction
Oscar H. Knapp, University of Chicago, Chair

The Intelligent Camera: Images of Computer Vision
Eric Grimson, MIT

Why Thousands of Images are Better Than One or Two
Robert C. Bolles, SRI International

Depth, Shape, and Motion in Computer Vision: Old Problems and Results
Takeo Kanade, Carnegie Mellon University

Object Recognition in Images: Present and Future
Joseph Mundy, General Electric Corporation

Session Five - Images Of The Future
Robert N. Beck, University of Chicago, Chair

Imaging Science: Some Research Challenges
Ralph Bernstein, IBM Palo Alto Science Center

Imaging Science: The Educational Challenge
Rodney Shaw, Rochester Institute of Technology

Issues of Imaging Science for Future Consideration
Robert N. Beck, University of Chicago

Organizing Committee:
Albert V. Crewe, Chairman
John N. Bahcall
Robert N. Beck
Robert Cannon
Thomas E. Everhart
Dale E. Johnson
James S. Kahn
Oscar H. Kapp
Edwin P. Pryzbylowicz
John R. Walter

Program Committee:
Robert N. Beck, Chairman
Chin-Tu Chen, Co-Chairman
Oscar H. Kapp, Co-Chairman
Robert Rosner, Co-Chairman
Steven K. Shevell, Co-Chairman

National Academy of Sciences
R-R-Donnelly & Sons Company
Eastman Kodak
Polaroid Corporation
Digital Equipment Corporation
Center of Image Science
(University of Chicago and Argonne National Laboratory)

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